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Bradford Flower Fund Homes News





The safe and sound system continues to be a success, if you would like the service implemented in your home please contact the office. There is an initial £50 set up cost payable by yourself, we will then cover the cost of the monthly subscription.

We are continually looking for other services to improve the sites, if you have any ideas please contact your site representative - site reps are as follows:

Flower Bank - Mr. John Gilfoyle
Flower Court - Mrs. Hardwick
Flower Garth - Carol McKendrick & Irene Metcalf
Flower Hill - Tony Harney & Sharon Lilley
Flower Mount - Tony Sharman

We are still looking for site reps for the Flower Haven and Croft sites. If you are interested, please contact the office.




Autumn News 2018

Well the dark nights are upon us and Autumn is drfinitely here, and the hot summer of 2018 seems a distant memory ....

The gardeners, Brian and David are doing a fantastic job tidying the gardens after the summer. They’ve been hard at work jet washing paths, cutting back bushes, tidying gutters and picking up all those leaves!


As mentioned in the previous newsletter we were looking for a replacement for Allison. I am pleased to welcome Sarah Wightman to Bradford Flower Fund Homes.

She started in September and will join Lianne in the office. Sarah worked for Thomas Cook for 20 years and joins the team after taking some time out to look after her daughter. She adds great office experience and confidence to the team.


Over recent months we have had an increase in calls over “Damp”. Whilst we do treat these seriously, in 99% of cases investigated by Michael and Multi-skill( external damp specialists), these are not due to damp but are due to poor ventilation and lack of heating causing condensation. Please ensure your property is sufficiently ventilated and heated, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Click here for more information about the difference between damp and condensation, and consider this before calling to report “damp.”


In the previous quarter of the year (July, August and September), we completed 110 repair and maintenance jobs, and Michael completed all 110 jobs within the given service level. Great work by Michael as always!

Here is a reminder of the service levels for jobs requested:
Emergency - ame day
High priority - 1 day
Medium priority - 7 days
Low priority - 20 days

For outside office hours, please refer to your emergency contact list.


GP Gill have done their annual survey, and where possible trees have been cut back. We do receive further calls from tenants requesting trees to be cut however, we are restricted by the Council as to what can be done.


The Health and Safety inpections were completed over the summer, and we have nearly completed the repair work to the railings and walls. We are aware of the deteriation of the paths on all the sites and will be making our way round all the sites to repair paths and steps.


Lock upgrades have been completed at all appropriate sites. Extra keys can be requested for a minimal charge by calling the office.

Work is ongoing to replace the gutters and downpipes at Flower Bank, this will all be completed in the coming months.


Please can all tenants be reminded that the landlords areas need to be kept clear of personal items, these can be a trip and fire hazzard.

We have recently found some of your contact numbers to be invalid. If you change your contact number or your next of kin details, please can you inform the office so we can update our records.


The last tenants meeting was 12th October. Here are some of the points that were brought up at the meeting and what we are doing:-

Site security - we have obtained quotes for CCTV at the Main House at Hill, and have now instructed the contractor to install this.

Flower Hill - Broken wall in the rose garden - Chris McMahon the builder has now repaired this.

Flower Garth Parking - we have asked Michael to come up with some suggestions as to how it can be improved and we have a few options that are being explored.

Flower Garth - Paths are uneven - Following the H&S inspections these will be dealt with and repaired along with the other sites.

Flower Garth - Trees that need cutting back - this has been mention to GP Gill we are awaiting their response.

Flower Garth door buzzer not working - We are in the proecess of getting quotes for this to be replaced.

Lots of other jobs have been completed on the back of the tenants meeting we have every quarter with the site representatives. If you have any news, concerns or suggestions that you would like raising please speak to them. If you would like to be a site representative please do call the office.

Estate Management Team


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