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What sort of homes and where are they?

With the exception of Milner Court, all our properties have one bedroom only, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Flats may be ground floor or first floor and there are stairlifts in the three Main Houses at Flower Mount, Flower Hill and Flower Garth and the blocks of flats at Flower Hill and Milner Court.

Who can apply for a tenancy?

Tenancies are granted at the discretion of Bradford Flower Fund Homes to persons of retirement age (over 55) living in Bradford or who have had Bradford associations in the past and wish to return to their home city to be closer to relatives who can provide support. The selection process is done via a scoring system to ensure consistency to all applicants.

Applications will be accepted if you are within three years of official retirement age but until it is reached a tenancy offer will not be made and in the case of a couple, both must be non-employed. Applicants must be able to look after themselves as Bradford Flower Fund Homes does not provide any form of care or warden service nor does it allow occupancy by ‘live-in’ carers.

Bradford Flower Fund Homes has a fair housing policy, recognising equality of opportunity with access for elderly people regardless of ethnic or racial origins. Our houses are designed for couples or single people. Persons who, by the size of their household, would cause overcrowding, are unlikely to be offered a tenancy.

How do we choose our tenants?

Accommodation is provided for those in greatest need.

We have a large register of applicants and only a few vacancies each year so there is often a long wait before being offered a tenancy.

Anyone needing accommodation urgently or by a particular date is strongly advised to consider alternative sources.

When a vacancy occurs a shortlist is prepared from all applicants on the register. This takes into account site preferences, housing need, existing accommodation, financial resources and location of supporting family. We also take into consideration such factors as health, the level of self-reliance and the applicant’s ability to finance accommodation suitable to their needs from their own resources without recourse to charitable support.

Shortlisted applicants are contacted and will be visited by a member of the Charity authorised to determine priorities and make the final selection. Care is also taken to select tenants who will be mutually helpful and who take a pride in their home. Applicants will be given an opportunity to inspect the vacant premises before accepting a tenancy.

If the offer of a tenancy is accepted, an Offer of Tenancy letter under the tenants’ guarantee conditions incorporated in the Housing Act 1988 will be sent together with a tenancy agreement for signature.

Rents and Responsibilities

Tenancies are let on an assured tenancy basis. Full details of the conditions of tenancy are contained in the Tenancy Agreement sent to applicants prior to acceptance of the tenancy. Rents vary according to location and type of property and are collected every four weeks by our rent collectors. Up-to-date information on rents is available from the Administration Office. Payment of Council tax and utility charges is the tenants’ responsibility.

We inspect our properties regularly and aim to achieve a high standard of maintenance. We take care of both external and internal repairs to the fabric and fixtures. Repairs are dealt with as promptly as possible. Internal decorations are expressly the responsibility of the tenant. Our properties are of varying ages. We try to ensure that they meet present day needs and improvements are made as charitable funds allow.

Our garden contractors will maintain the exterior of the properties including gardens and bushes. We also have tree specialists who will survey our sites annually. However, tenants are encouraged to help keep the gardens looking their best.

In the interests of safety the keeping of dogs and cats is not permitted, except in the case of guide dogs for the blind.

How to apply for a Bradford Flower Fund Home

Please click on the “Application form” tab at the top of the page to register your interest. If you need assistance with this please call our administration team on 01274 583763.

Alternatively, please call the above number and an application form will be sent you. Please return this to Administration Office, Bradford Flower Fund Homes, 4A Flower Mount, Station Road, Baildon BD17 6SB.

When completing the application form please remember that it is in your interests to provide the information requested as fully as possible as this will be used in making the initial assessment when shortlisting applicants for offers of tenancy. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted.

It is important to remember that the register is not a waiting list. The length of time on the register will not necessarily influence the order in which offers of tenancies are made since numerous other factors are taken into consideration. The choice of tenant is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees of Bradford Flower Fund Homes.

The register is reviewed periodically to see if applicants wish to remain listed. Please notify us at the above address if your circumstances alter or you change your address. If we are unable to contact you, your application will be automatically deleted from the register.

Maintenance and Repair of Property

Any work carried out to properties, other than interior painting and wallpapering, must be carried out by our nominated contractors.

For safety reasons, it is particularly important that all electrical work is carried out by our nominated electrician, and under no circumstances may such work be carried out by any other person.

In cases where tenants are given permission to make alterations to the property, e.g. an electrical fire, fitted furniture, etc; the items become the property of Bradford Flower Fund Homes who are consequently responsible for any necessary maintenance, and these items cannot be removed at the end of the tenancy.

Maintenance of Gas Appliances

An annual service of all gas appliances is carried out by a Corgi registered contractor nominated by the Flower Fund. We use a number of different plumbers for plumbing repairs and repairs to gas appliances and all repair work must be reported.
All properties are fitted with separate smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Important points to remember

We have very few vacancies each year and we do not know when any of our properties will become vacant or where they will be. If you need to move out of your present accommodation by a certain date, perhaps because it goes with your job and you have to leave on retirement, or you need alternative accommodation urgently, we would strongly advise you to approach other housing organisations in addition to ourselves. The fact that you accept this alternative accommodation need not necessarily prejudice your application for a Bradford Flower Fund Home.

We must also emphasise that Bradford Flower Fund Homes does not provide sheltered housing and has no warden or other care services. Our tenants must, therefore, be self-reliant. Only those persons listed on the Tenancy Agreement are allowed to reside in our properties and we do not allow occupancy by ‘live-in’ carers or anyone who has not reached official retirement age. We try to select tenants who will be good neighbours but it is the responsibility of the resident’s family to maintain regular contact and ensure their personal well-being.

For more information or specific guidance on any of the points addressed in this leaflet please telephone the Administration Office, Bradford Flower Fund Homes, 4A Flower Mount, Station Road, Baildon BD17 6SB on 01274 583763.

Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you require acknowledgement of receipt of your application.


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